System Error 3 | The system cannot find the path specified

While this is a common error for many programs and not just Sage products, we are seeing more of this error since our clients upgraded their personal computers to Windows 10.

Typically this error is due to user rights to a file folder on the server or their own workstation. Perhaps after upgrading from Windows 10 the network drives need to be re-mapped. However we also understand that users receive this error when a file is truly missing from the location specified and when the file path is longer than 256 characters. These are easy to test and understand if this is the issue.

If after trying these few things and you are still encountering this message after launching a program or application, you should also check to make sure there are no periods at the end of the path name.

There are also issues where you may need to clear the AutoRun applications from your registry. This requires some knowledge and you may want to contact your IT specialist or a certified Tandem Technologies consultant at 866-392-6132, Option 2.

There are also some special circumstances whereby your computer, when booting was using a script to make a drive path substitution and for whatever reason that script is not executing on a reboot.

If trying some of the simpler steps noted above do not help we are a phone call away from helping you get this resolved ASAP. 866-392-6132