Sage 300 Business Intelligence – This workbook does not have valid data to use in the Report Designer Add-in

There are basically six potential solutions possible for the error message “This workbook does not have valid data to use in the Report Designer Add-in”. This blog article will concisely tell you the steps we taken to resolve this for our clients. Because these steps assume familiarity with MS Excel Add-Ins and the ability to install software as an administrator and possibly modifying your registry please call our Tandem Technologies Sage BI expert at 866-392-6132, Opt 2 for support, if you need further assistance beyond these help points.

  1. Ensure the Sage BI modules you have purchased are licensed as “YES”. You can verify this by launching the Sage BI License screen or if you have Sage 300 you can check the license from the Help (License) drop down menu. I suggest doing both.
  2. Ensure the BI Generator COM Add-In for MS Excel is present and enabled.
  3. Ensure there are 2 Report Designer Add-ins for MS Excel turned on. If these are not present re-run your workstation installation for Sage BI.
    1. Report Designer Add-In x.x (any version) and
    2. Report Designer Add-In x.x(Custom Task Pane Helper).
  4. Ensure the Solver MS Excel Add-In is turned off.
  5. If you have recently upgraded or service packed your Sage accounting software and/or your Sage Business Intelligence software then it is likely that you need to
    1. Have everyone exit out of Sage BI completely.
    2. Backup your BXDATA folder.
    3. Log in to the Report Manager and export ALL of the reports you use at your company.
    4. Exit out of Sage BI completely.
    5. Rename the BXDATA folder.
    6. Log back into the Report Manager.
    7. You should see a brand new set of reports and menus in the report manager.
    8. Go to the Designer folder. Run the Demonstration Report Designer S300SQL 1-0 report.
    9. This will launch Excel and you should be brought to the Home menu.
    10. Check to see if your MS Excel Add-Ins mentioned above in 1,2,3 and 4 are as they should be.
    11. Exit MS Excel
    12. Import all of your reports that you exported in step c from above.
  6. Excel has a section in the registry where Sage Intelligence Report Designer Add-In entries are stored. The registry key is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\{OFFICE VERSION eg.12.0}\Excel\Options Every Excel add-in has an “OPEN” key that is consecutively numbered. Any new add-in that needs to be available in Excel must have a new “OPEN” key with the next available number. The value for the key will have the path to an .xll file, which is the file format in which Excel add-ins are created. If the install process of the Sage Intelligence Report Designer Add-In is executed successfully, there will be an “OPEN” key with a value of: /R “C:\Program Files\Common Files\BIExcelFunctions\32bit\Sage.BI.ExcelFunctions.xll”