I Need Sage 300 to Report My Sales on a Cash Basis. Can I do that?

Sage 300 is an accrual based accounting system. Companies, for a number of reasons, need to report sales and sales tax collected on a cash basis for reporting. Can Sage 300 provide cash basis reporting of accounts payable as well as accounts receivable invoicing?

The direct answer is yes, but not out of the box! You have to develop either Crystal Reports or Sage Business Intelligence (BI) Reports and connect the necessary Sage 300 tables to form a rearranged data set to report on. Fortunately, for Sage 300 users, Sage 300 Application Object Model (AOM) their functions and the data information that is stored in each table.

By connecting Sage 300 data into a SQL view or Sage BI view, you can match paid invoices and payments, credit, debit and tax credit documents based on date from application date back to original documents. Once this has been created, you can run a report based on the paid/applied date for each document.

I advise you to at least consult with Tandem Technologies as developing or creating this type of report is typically not something that the average Sage 300 Business Intelligence user can accomplish without some guidance. In order to create this and have it run successfully, having the AOM that matches your version of Sage 300, a good working knowledge of Sage 300, and any third party add-ons is a must.

For accounts receivable (AR) invoices, it is important to know if your company invoices out of order entry (OE) shipments or direct invoices from AR. It is important also to know if your company uses any Sage 300 3rd party add on products connected to the AR or OE modules.