Migrating data from Sage Pro to Sage 300 or ALERE

Tandem Technologies, LLC has been migrating Sage Pro clients since 2011 and have completed a total of 20+ migrations. We want our customers to have as little disruption as possible when migrating to the selected solution, whether it is Sage 300 or ALERE. Most of the migration clients had utilized their Sage Pro solution for years and migrating over to a new solution such as Sage 300 or ALERE felt very much like implementing a brand new solution.

We have found that in most of these migrations current workflow or business processes utilized in Sage Pro may require some changes to accommodate the new software solution(s). There is a considerable amount of planning and thought required by both the client and Tandem Technologies consultants, to ensure the new solution can accommodate your previous processes as much as possible as well as help you in taking advantage of all the features in your new software.

With any migration and even when upgrading, Tandem Technologies requires a “test environment” and clients are charged for both the test environment and the go-live as the same exact procedures must be done twice. There may be a two to three week period between the test and the go-live so that you and your staff have the opportunity to check balances, ensure reports are correct, and do some spot checking for accuracy on customer data and inventory.

The greatest challenges that most of our clients have experienced are: understanding the history/data that can be brought over from the legacy system, additional software costs (to replace solutions/versions not compatible with Sage 300 or ALERE such as F9 reporting tools), training, and sometimes problems with data integrity (the accuracy and consistency of data stored in a database). We do our best to make clients aware of these challenges and possible issue(s) in advance so that we can eliminate as many unpleasant surprises as possible.

The data that can be brought over to Sage 300 using the Sage Migrator Tool but is VERY limited in the area of closed transactions and will not migrate payroll or job cost or banking data. The migrator tool is only going to bring over “open transactions” and “open balances”. This is not to say that Tandem Technologies, LLC cannot bring over all the information you require. Indeed, we have done this for clients, but there is additional cost and more time is needed. It is important for you to know that you will still have access to your Sage Pro data even after your go-live date.

On the other hand, the ALERE migrator tool will bring over all data and years of history from your Sage Pro system. While this sounds like the answer to all your problems with migrating data and years of history, this can create problems as you and your staff may have made changes to the Sage Pro data and no longer are in need of that data. Therefore, this will involve going back thru and performing not only a check and verification of balances, data and customer information; but also “cleanup” any data that is incorrect. Like Sage 300, when migrating data to ALERE, we will provide both a “test environment” and then a go-live.

Consider allowing Tandem Technologies migration experts to provide you a quote to migrate from Sage Pro to Sage 300 or ALERE. Please phone 860-392-6132 to get started.


Test Environment — Your data has been converted into the target solution. Tandem Technologies will require you to verify balances, set up of modules, and most likely use this environment to do training.

Go-Live — You and Tandem Technologies have determined that the Sage 300 or ALERE software is ready to be activated and staff will stop using Sage Pro.