Brand new for v10.0 is the ability to designate a work order as an “Inheritance” type order. This means that finished good serial numbers can be auto-assign based on the serial numbers issued from inventory to the work order!

alere-inheritance-work-ordersPractically this means that for the manufacturer who starts with a serial numbered inventory item, and wants to use that same serial number on their finished good for tracking and documentation purposes, the “Inheritance” type order neatly solves the challenge by auto assigning that serial number to the finished good.

In the case of a company that makes multiple items originating from the same serialized inventory item, they now have built-in traceability back to the source. The original serial number has a consecutive letter appended to it for each of the multiple finished items (123A, 123B, 123C, etc.).

For a company that rebuilds or refurbishes serialized products, the “Inheritance” type order allows the item to easily retain its original serial number through the entire process.