ALERE Manufacturing Demonstration Video Update

There have been thirty-six demonstration videos (and counting) created for ALERE Manufacturing. They were integrated into the Version 10.0 manual when the new version was released this past February. The release of an updated manual this past Monday, March 9th, includes all the videos produced since February. If you have explored the manual you would have seen that the second page is tied to the web site where all the videos are available. The page has replaced the section in the manual devoted to a product tour.

As mentioned, the videos have been incorporated into the TIW web site where they are readily available to everyone. The feedback from ALERE Manufacturing users has been very positive.

Work has just begun to build a similar library of videos for ALERE Accounting. Like Manufacturing, an ALERE Demonstration Videos web page for Accounting will be created. The Accounting manual will also be updated with the videos and made available.

You can help us with this effort. Tell us which Manufacturing videos are your favorite and why. If we have not yet created a video for a specific function, and you do not understand how we could have possibly missed that one, let us know and we will see what we can do. Email