ALERE Accounting Inventory Log of Activity and Future Activity


Oft times you have simple questions that concern inventory. Questions like: What items did manufacturing complete and place into inventory last week? Was an item ordered from a supplier received yesterday? What was shipped to a customer last week? These questions, and many like them, are quickly and easily answered by the ALERE Inventory Log of Activity screen.

alere-account-inventory2Log of Activity

A set of filters and options at the top of the screens allow your search to be quickly narrowed down. Each time a filter or option is changed, the list on the screen can be updated by using the Refresh button. The information on the grid can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. Double left clicking on orders will drill down to them. Highlighting an item number or company ID by clicking once on them will display a description. And when you have the answer you need the Print button will send the information on the grid to the printer in the form of a report.

The Log of Activity screen is a fast and easy way to answer questions about what has happened in inventory.


For inventory questions about what is going to happen, the Future Activity screen steps in. It is designed to handle questions like: When is the transfer order from our Atlanta warehouse due in and what does it include? What finished goods are manufacturing expected to complete next week? What sales order items are expected to ship this coming Monday?

log-future-activityLog Future Activity

As with the Log of Activity screen, the Future Activity screen has similar ways to filter, sort, drill down, and print the pertinent inventory information to answer your questions about future activity. Together these two ALERE Inventory reports can provide timely and invaluable answers to your questions.