ACCU-Dart Warehouse and Distribution Management software works great for Tandem Technology partners

ACCU-Dart Warehouse and Distribution Management software

We get a lot of requests for a basic pick, pack and ship software that doesn’t cost a fortune. ACCU-Dart delivers. While other products are available that are robust, feature rich and are capable of handling warehouse logistics for picking and routing of orders and putaways/slotting there’s not a lot of choice for Small to Mid-Size Businesses (SMB’s) to choose from.

Tandem Technologies has become a big fan of ACCU-Dart for its simplicity, entry level cost to implement and its ability to expand as an organization grows. It’s also worth mentioning that it interfaces with Auto Simply Manufacturing software, Orchid Systems Bin Tracking module and SmartLinc (UPS Worldship interface) for Sage 300 ERP.

How do you know when your company or organization is in need of a warehouse management software package?

Are you a 3PL provider? Do you have your own logistics or mobile fleet management delivering goods? Do you need to know what’s in stock at all times? Are you doing more than two physical inventory counts per year to adjust inventory? Do sales staff complain about stock outs? Are your customers complaining that they received the wrong goods? Is your serial and/or lot control out of control? Do you have more than one person working in your warehouse per 10,000 square foot? Are you finding your supply manager curled up in a ball in the corner of the warehouse sucking their thumb? Well, if you answered yes to any of one of these questions then you’ve found the right partner to work with and we can help.

What’s the cost of warehouse management software?

We understand going right to the bottom line of any proposal to see what the damage is going to be. Before we can begin to tell you the cost it is our duty to first understand what aspects of your warehouse or distribution center you are looking to improve and if the products are a good fit. If you’re just looking to receive and ship inventory with no other features sets added, then your software purchase is going to be roughly $5,000. There are additional modules one can purchase that allow you to go beyond the simple receiving and shipping. Compare ACCU-Dart to products like Accello’s where your entry point is a higher cost due to the software and the implementation time taking longer (sometimes months) and I haven’t even gotten to continued support costs. Tandem Technologies staff can assist you in understanding which product is the right fit.

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